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Alaska Sea Kayakers is committed to the training and education of its staff to create an arena of professional excellence.

Working Conditions:

First year guides can expect a steady diet of yard work and guiding day trips, to gain adequate experience to lead extended trips, in their second season.

First year guides can expect to earn between eight and twelve thousand dollars depending on start/end dates, and commitment to daily work. Gratuities are discretionary (we do not prompt clients to tip in any fashion) but guides can do well.

We work in a temperate coastal rainforest environment. It is critical that all employees are comfortable enough to lead our clientele in these challenging conditions.

Medical Qualifications:

As a condition of hire you must have as a minimum, an up to date Wilderness First Aid Card or better.


The costs associated with training, assessment and testing, will be paid by each employee. We require, at a minimum, An ACA Level 2 Leadership certification, representing beginning skill levels. These "bare minimum" certifications will allow us effective in-house communication and a basis for on the water thinking. Each employee will be required to register with the ACA to receive documentation of these, and any other certifications. More advanced certifications will be made available, and required, with additional years of service.

These training costs will amount to approximately $600.

These initial training costs will be rebated to any guide after completing a second season of employment.


All new hires will be employed on a probationary basis.

All new hires are required to sign terms of employment.

Point of hire is Whittier, Alaska.

Alaska Sea Kayakers fosters an atmosphere of professional and personal growth. Those who have taken employment with us, have found a fast paced, energetic, and fulfilling experience.

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