Nellie Juan 4 Day

This is arguably the most diverse area in the Sound.

Day 1 and 2 - Arrive in Whittier by 10:00 AM. We will pack our gear into dry bags, and your guides will offer an initial orientation. We will water taxi to Derickson Bay and base camp for our first two nights. We will explore Nellie Juan Glacier, Deep Water Bay, East and West Finger Inlets, and encounter some beautiful hiking amongst the granite walls of this area.

Day 3 - Break camp and paddle through Port Nellie Juan, exploring McLure Bay and it's ruins of an old cannery. A Sea Lion rookery can offer some great wildlife sightings. We will then paddle to Lighthouse Reserve and make camp. The tidal lake near camp offers a great place to take a (brisk) swim.

Day 4 - We will break camp and paddle across the mouth of Port Nellie Juan to our pick-up point on Applegate Island. Our water taxi will have us back in Whittier by mid-afternoon.

Meet at the Alaska Sea Kayakers Office on
Harbor View Drive in Whittier, Alaska

Click here for Google Map Location and Directions

Whittier can be accessed by car through a one-way toll tunnel ($13 for cars).

Inbound openings are on the half hour, for fifteen minutes. First inbound opening is at 6:30 AM, and the last inbound opening is at 10:30 PM.

Outbound openings are on the hour, for fifteen minutes. First outbound opening is 6 AM, and the last outbound opening is at 10 PM.

There are some mid-day variations to this schedule, to accommodate rail traffic. Please call us to discuss this schedule, if planning a mid-day entrance.

Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive from Anchorage to the tunnel entrance.

Click here to see the summer tunnel schedule.


What to bring

1.        Clothing should be layered synthetic wicking fabrics or wool to be comfortable in cooler temperatures (40-50 degrees).

2.       A second set of comparable layers.

3.       Tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad. (Or we can supply. Additional cost is $30 per person per day.)

4.       Water bottle.  

Alaska Sea Kayakers will provide

1.       All kayaks, paddles, and ancillary gear.

2.       Dry suits upon request.

3.       Boots and/or booties.

4.       All food, food preparation, and kitchen gear.

5.       Camp shelter (storage space allowing).

6.       Dry bags as needed.

7.       A detailed gear list will be forwarded upon request.

Clientele Requirements

Guidelines for participation on a sea kayak trip:

  • A. Participant has a desire to partake.
  • B. Participant has a reasonable level of physical fitness and endurance.
  • C. Participant is capable of following basic instructions.
  • D. Participant is capable and willing of functioning in a group environment.

Trip insurance such as is recommended to prepare for any unforeseen weather delays or cancellations.

Great for ages 10 and up!   No Experience Necessary!

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