Sea Kayaking Classes

Weekend Course Offerings in Whittier

Beginning to Intermediate Sea Kayaking Skills

Have you ever seen people kayaking and thought ”that looks fun”? Do you have access to lakes or rivers near where you live? Have you been paddling for a long time but never practiced wet exits, rescues or received any formal instruction? Are you looking for something fun and adventurous to share with children, a partner, siblings, co-workers? Do you love exploring and getting out in nature?

Sea kayaking offers a lifetime of learning, exploration and adventure, and immersion and intimacy in nature to be taken to whatever level you choose.

Weekend courses offered for beginner and intermediate paddlers of all ages. Classes will form per demand.

The first day will entail specific skills instruction, rescues and theory. The second day will build upon the first and offer a day trip to utilize and expand the previous day's skill session.

Whittier Instructional Weekend

May 20-21, 2017

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Fundamentals Training and Tuning. Learn new, practice or augment existing skills with certified (ACA) instructors.

We will offer coaching on safety features and design of kayaks and kayaking equipment. You will be fit to a kayak to maximize performance.

The coaching syllabus includes wet exits, ruddering and paddling without a rudder, turning and spinning the kayak, back paddling, stopping,moving sideways, edging, balance and bracing, and solo and assisted rescues. Coaching will be focused per individuals’ goals and experience.

All equipment can be provided including: sea kayak, paddle, skirt, PFD, dry suit, and more.

You provide your own clothing, food, water, and other necessities. An equipment list will be sent upon registration.

Training appropriate for Novice, Beginner and Intermediate Paddlers

Rescues, Towing and Touring. Learn and practice solo and assisted rescues and towing, while touring on a day trip in Passage Canal. The goal is to do a day trip in which you can apply the skills learned or tuned the day before, and add a series of rescues and towing skills to your paddlers’ tool box in the context of a day trip. This day will include a short trip-planning primer and a series of rescue scenarios in addition to paddling in open water, weather permitting. Also included are wildlife watching practices and ethics. The bad weather option for this day is a day of rescues and towing with scenarios in flat water. All equipment can be provided.

Saturday 16 May, 9 AM – 5 PM

Sea Kayaking Skills Instruction

Sunday 17 May, 9 AM – 6 PM

Day trip in Passage Canal

Saturday 20 June, 9 AM – 5 PM

Sea Kayaking Skills Instruction

Sunday 21 June, 9 AM – 6 PM

Day trip in Passage Canal

Meet at the Alaska Sea Kayakers Office on
Harbor View Drive in Whittier, Alaska

Click here for Google Map Location and Directions

Whittier can be accessed by car through a one-way toll tunnel ($13 for cars).

Inbound openings are on the half hour, for fifteen minutes. First inbound opening is at 6:30 AM, and the last inbound opening is at 10:30 PM.

Outbound openings are on the hour, for fifteen minutes. First outbound opening is 6 AM, and the last outbound opening is at 10 PM.

There are some mid-day variations to this schedule, to accommodate rail traffic. Please call us to discuss this schedule, if planning a mid-day entrance.

Allow 1 hour and 15 minutes to drive from Anchorage to the tunnel entrance.

Click here to see the summer tunnel schedule.


What to bring:

1.       Synthetic wicking fabrics to wear under a dry suit. (Fleece, polypropylene, capilene)

2.       A change of clothes for the end of the day.

3.       Lunch and snacks for each day.

4.       Water bottle. (Instructor will supply refills.)

Alaska  Sea Kayakers will supply:

1.       Kayak, paddle, PFD, spray skirt, deck gear.

2.       Dry suit and booties.

3.       Helmet, balaclava (neoprene hood), neoprene gloves.

4.       Dry bags as needed.

Other dates, custom & private sessions available

Contact us to discuss your class
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