Incredible tour!

  We took an incredible tour through Blackstone bay and visited the Blackstone and Beloit glaciers! The company made the whole trip easy and accessible. All the gear we needed was provided (rubber boots, rain jackets, waders and kayak skirts). Our guides were incredible, making sure that everyone in the group was enjoying themselves and staying safe. Also, they were knowledgeable about the area and provided and excellent tour of the bay! I would recommend taking a tour from Alaska Sea Kayakers if you're near Whittier!  

Review from Google - June, 2023.

Once in a lifetime experience!

  We did the Blackstone bay tour and holy cow, did it show up!!! Incredible tour. The beauty really left us quite speechless. A once in a lifetime experience!! If you are adventurous and active, you will be able to do this tour! Definitely need a sense of adventure, love the outdoors, and be in decent shape and you will have a wonderful time! Anthony was our tour guide and he was awesome!!!! Don’t let the weather stop you from booking this tour. The weather in anchorage or Whittier might be one way but the weather in Blackstone bay may be different!! A little rain never hurt anyone! Wear layers and you will be fine!  

Review from TripAdvisor - July, 2023.

Very worth it!!!

  Very kind people, the friendliest and most enthusiastic guide. If we had more time in Alaska we woild certainly do this again. We saw a Whale too 😊 very lucky. … 

Review from Google - August, 2023.

Great trip with beautiful scenery

  We (two couples in our 60's with kayak experience) did the full day Blackstone Bay trip. Communication with Pete prior to the trip was easy and helpful and our guide, Ryan, did a great job! He was very friendly, polite and helpful with the kayaks and helping me over the rocks in our rock scramble hike at the end. He even brought back a water bottle we left to Girdwood as he knew he lived near where we were staying...so thoughtful! We got lucky with dry, clear weather, so we saw some amazing scenery. We also saw a marmot at our lunch spot and two bears from a distance towards the end of our trip. Definitely tired by the end of the day, but we all enjoyed it. Thanks so much Pete and Ryan.  

Review from TripAdvisor - July, 2023.

Had an amazing time!

  Our group took the shorter trip and had an amazing time! The staff were great. We were supplied with everything we needed. Our guide Barbara was super informative and made the trip fun and relaxing. She even took my favorite photo of our vacation. We will definitely be back whenever we are in Alaska again!  

Review from Google - August, 2023.

Kayak Prince William Sound

  We had hiked and biked so time to use the arms and get out on the water. We called in the morning and picked up the last 2 reservations for a half day kayak starting at 1. The lady that checked us in was very pleasant and helpful. Our guides, Ian and Ryan were awesome. We were on the water from 2-5pm. It was a perfect blue sky day. They have waterproof boots if you want them - the water is very cold but the drips from the oars felt good on a warm 60 degree day. We saw waterfalls, a bald eagle, kittiwake rookery (bird haven between 2 waterfalls) and a few otters. The backdrop was stunning with the mountains and glaciers. The little town of Whittier was cute and fun to take the 2.5 mile single road tunnel to get there but check the schedule before heading out as it runs on the half hour.  

Review from TripAdvisor - July, 2023.

The guides were extremely knowledgeable!

  The guides were extremely knowledgeable and the whole crew was accommodating, resourceful, and clearly loved their job. If kayaking on the Kenai, definitely go here! They give you all the equipment to stay safe and dry and take you to some pretty amazing coves to sit back, relax, and enjoy the landscape.  

Review from Google - September, 2023.


 An absolutely amazing experience!! My 10-year-old son and I did the KITTIWAKE guided tour of Prince William Sound. Our guide, Calvin, made this great experience even better. He was patient with us as we got accustomed to the kayak and very knowledgeable. He made sure we saw as much as possible. This day tour ranks right up at the top of my favorite things to have done while in Alaska. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to go, DO IT! Whether you’re experienced or inexperienced, you will have a great time! 

Review from Google - August, 2022.

Great day on the water!

 We had such an awesome day on the water with Alaska Sea Kayakers. Our tour guides were Calvin and Natalie! They were awesome and geared our tour towards the people on it (Two different families with pre-teen/teen kids). I called and talked to Pete before we booked. He was excellent. I was worried we wouldn't do well since we had no kayaking experience and 3 kids. He was confident the tour would be suitable for all levels and he was right! We had a fantastic time! Highly recommend. We are a family of 5. Kids are 16, 14, 11. 

Review from TripAdvisor - June, 2022.

Must-do if staying in Anchorage!

 What an amazing experience! My husband and I were looking for an active day trip in early August, and we were not disappointed! Marshall, our guide, took us to see the humpy salmon swim up a creek and then over to the largest black-footed kittiwake aviary in the world! We got to see the kittiwakes chase off a bald eagle. There were great views of glaciers too! Marshall was extremely knowledgeable of the area and the wildlife.

Review from Trip Advisor - August, 2022.

Great Trip!

 Four adults on this trip, all with some kayak experience, but this could easily be done with little to no kayaking, as the equipment, guides, safety concerns, route planning were all exceptional. Natalie was our guide, and she was very experienced, knowledgeable, friendly. We did the Blackstone Bay trip out to the glaciers, -- what an incredible site! It was a 5 hour trip in total with about 4 hours on the water. I would rate this as a moderate exertion level. They suit you up with all boots, waders, jackets, pfd's, so you don't have to bring anything but yourself. They will provide water, snacks, but I suggest you bring your own water bottle to use while actually paddling. And bring your camera in a waterproof case-- great picture opportunities!

Highly recommend this trip! and going through the Whittier tunnel to get there is exciting! Hats off to Natalie -- great job! 

Review from Trip Advisor - August, 2022.

Top Notch!

 The location, views, guides, wildlife and experience as a whole was TOP NOTCH. The guides really made the trip with their knowledge and humor. We saw a seal popping up around us and a bald eagle hanging around. This is something you could do with little to no experience kayaking. If I ever find myself back in the area I’ll be booking a longer tour with these guys. 

Review from Google - June, 2022.


 Alaska Sea Kayakers was a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Whittier! They were organized, on time, the gear was great and they provided helpful instruction to both novices and longtime kayakers alike. The 360 degree views while you're on Prince William Sound - of glaciers, waterfalls, inlets and more, was unbelievable. Our guide was awesome and was able to quickly read the group and understand that we were up for more than just your standard trip. He provided just enough information about the area and what we were looking at, but not too much that it distracted us from our own adventure and discoveries. I loved this so much I even bought a sweatshirt to bring back to Brooklyn, NY to show off! ... 

Review from TripAdvisor - July, 2021.


 Enjoy the mind blowing scenery in PWS with knowledgeable guides who are just as stoked to be there as you are. They did a great job keeping us comfortable in the Alaskan elements and worked very hard to accommodate my husband and I with other groups so we could meet the minimum number for the trip. Great company! 

Review from TripAdvisor - May, 2021.

Fantastic group to book with!

 We did the Blackstone Glacier kayak and the local rookery tour. The people were very friendly and knowledgeable, the equipment was good and the offered more than we expected such as raingear and boots. The guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. We really enjoyed our experience with them and the places they took us. 

Review from Trip Advisor - July, 2021.

Amazing Alaskan Excursion

 Amazing! We did the all day Blackstone Bay kayak trip. Unbelievable views of the glaciers. Kayaking thru glacier ice. It was a workout but totally doable ( 2 adults and 4 kids ages 18-12). Our guides (Todd and Anthony) were informative and helpful. It was truly an Alaskan adventure. 

Review from Trip Advisor - July, 2021.

Great Experience

We did the full day Passage Canal kayak and it was definitely a highlight of our trip. Wayne is so knowledgeable. The pace of the trip was just right with lots of opportunities to stop and take pictures. 

Review from Trip Advisor - August, 2021.

Excellent guided kayaking tour of Passage Canal

 I booked this trip after doing some research and found that it was quite reasonably priced compared to other places I found, was a new adventure (different than kayaking in a lake), and had great reviews. The owner Peter is very responsive via email and it was easy to reserve our spot. Better yet, we did not need to put down any deposit to hold our spot. On the day of the tour, I just called to confirm our tour and also make sure that the weather was okay for kayaking (you never know since it's Whittier). Once there, we were given all the clothes we needed to make sure we would stay warm and dry. They do a really great job of putting you in all the right gear. Our guide, Taylor, was fantastic. The trip was supposed to be their shorter 3-hour one, but she spent extra time with us and we never felt rushed. She was also really friendly and knowledgeable about the different birds we saw, the plants, and the glaciers around us. My husband likes to bend rules sometimes, and she was very professional and friendly with reminding him to follow the rules, and patient too. Overall, she was just amazing. We took a break halfway and went on this really neat trail. Alaska Sea Kayakers also supplies some snacks which was nice. (We also saw the cutest sea otter.) I will say - although advertised as "easier" exercise, this is still quite a workout. We all felt tired after the 7-mile trip and it was by no means easy for us. However, Alaska Sea Kayakers will accommodate you - so if you are more fit, they can go faster and further with you; if you are slower and get tired more easily like we did, they will slow down for you. Because this was so tiring and hard to do, not sure if we will do it again in the near future, but definitely worth doing at least once in your life to have the experience. 

Review from a Google Traveler - August, 2019.

Thank you Peter!

 I want to publicly thank Peter, the owner of this business who so generously lent us 2 life vests when we came over to paddle and forgot them. Without any hesitation or charge he gave us 2 vests and made our day...that is service and hospitality...thank you Peter! 

Review from Google - August, 2020.

Professional, Safe and Easy to Work With!

 My dad and I went on two separate kayak tours when we were in Alaska and our trip with Alaska Sea Kayakers was definitely the best! We were originally booked with Lazy Otter but they canceled on us last minute so in a panic we walked around Whittier trying to find another place. I left a message on their phone because no one was at the shop but they called me back within 5 minutes and met us at the shop at a moment's notice. We did a 3 hour tour across the sound and back. Our guide was GREAT! He made us feel so safe and cared for. We saw some really great wildlife; seals, bald eagles, salmon, octopus, ermine, etc. The equipment included a spray skirt which kept us dry the entire time. The 3 hour tour was more than enough time kayaking to see a lot of things without getting too tired, I wouldn't have been able to do much more than that. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - November, 2019.

Excellent guided kayaking tour of Passage Canal

 When we arrived, Peter, the owner, warmly greeted us and provided us with all of the equipment we needed for the 6-hour excursion: Rubber boots, rubber waders, rain jackets, kayak skirt, life jackets, neoprene kayaking mittens, paddles, and kayaks. Getting into the water couldn't have been easier - our guide gave us a quick safety briefing and walked our kayaks down to the water. He then led us about 3 miles down the canal before helping us onto a rocky beach to see the salmon run. As the tide came in, he pushed us off and we kayaked another mile or two before stopping for lunch. Lunch consisted of smoked salmon, pasta salad, crackers, fresh vegetables and fruit, hot tea/chocolate, and trail mix. Our guide prepared the entire spread - we didn't have to lift a finger! On the return trip, we paddled up to glacial and snow-melt waterfalls pouring into the canal. When we returned to shore, our guide took care of all of the equipment for us while we changed into our dry clothes. Even though it was drizzling and only a bit above 50 degrees, the equipment they provided kept us dry and warm. It was an excellent trip, with very reasonable pricing, and would highly recommend it! WHEN we return to Alaska, we will be sure to book another excursion with them! 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2019.

Incredible experience on the water, getting close to a massive glacier

 Our day started with Alaska Sea Kayakers greeting us, then providing us the necessary equipment: boots, socks, pants... they took us in a large fast boat to a beach about 3 miles away from the glacier. After giving us safety and kayaking instructions, we began by going along the coast of Blackwater bay, we saw majestic waterfalls, wildlife (mostly different birds native to Alaska: Bald Eagle, Red beak black bird that is responsible for the vegetation along the rocky areas of Alaska). We got close and saw about six different glaciers, in total we kayaked for about 6 to 7 hours, finishing with hike to the base of a glacier. The guide provided us with a delicious picnic lunch with salmon, fruits, salad, Nutella, bread, cheeses... gourmet food for an active trip. We were again picked up by a fast boat and returned to Whittier. We had a fantastic time and would definitely use Alaska Sea Kayakers for other adventures in Whittier. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2019.

Great Kayak Trip!

 What a wonderful way to spend the morning. These guys were super nice, explained everything really well and gave you all of the gear needed. One big plus - they didn’t make you commit rain or shine when you called to book - in fact they said to call in the morning to make sure conditions were right before coming. The guide taught us everything we needed to know and pointed out wildlife all along the trip. We saw bald eagles, sea lions, otters, salmon, and other birds. Thanks for a top notch trip!

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2019.

Wow! What a trip!

 My husband and I booked a sea Kayaking adventure through Alaska Sea Kayakers in July 2019. We booked the Kittiwake Tour. Upon arriving, the owner was really laid back and nice. We were assigned a guide named Katelyn and she was absolutely wonderful. We were the only kayakers in our group. We expected to have to be with a large group, but it was private. It was great! Our guide also took us up and showed us which fresh berries were edible, which was information I used throughout my whole trip while hiking. The business provided everything we needed for the trip. Rubber boots, spray skirt, and dry bag were all provided. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2019.

An Awesome Experience

 My girlfriend and I just took their Blackstone Bay tour this past weekend and had an amazing time. Our guide Todd was great and made the trip way better than either of us could have expected. They got us all set up in gear to keep us dry and warm the whole day and then a boat ride out to the bay where Todd gave us instructions and got us in the water and on our way pretty quick. The paddle around the bay was absolutely beautiful, the glaciers come right down to the water, you can hear them breaking up from far away while you paddle through large and small chunks of floating ice as you got closer to each one for some amazing views. Lunch was delicious and plentiful. It was nice to get some hot cider in you after sitting in the cold kayak for the morning. After lunch we finished the afternoon off with more paddling to another glacier and an hike to the foot of another before our boat came to pick us up for the ride back. Great day overall, highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a trip."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2018.

Excellent Guided Kayaking Tour of Passage Canal

 When we arrived, Pete, the owner, warmly greeted us and provided us with all of the equipment we needed for the 6-hour excursion: Rubber boots, rubber waders, rain jackets, kayak skirt, life jackets, neoprene kayaking mittens, paddles, and kayaks. Getting into the water couldn't have been easier - our guide gave us a quick safety briefing and walked our kayaks down to the water. He then led us about 3 miles down the canal before helping us onto a rocky beach to see the salmon run. As the tide came in, he pushed us off and we kayaked another mile or two before stopping for lunch. Lunch consisted of smoked salmon, pasta salad, crackers, fresh vegetables and fruit, hot tea/chocolate, and trail mix. Our guide prepared the entire spread - we didn't have to lift a finger! On the return trip, we paddled up to glacial and snow-melt waterfalls pouring into the canal. When we returned to shore, our guide took care of all of the equipment for us while we changed into our dry clothes.

Even though it was drizzling and only a bit above 50 degrees, the equipment they provided kept us dry and warm. It was an excellent trip, with very reasonable pricing, and would highly recommend it! WHEN we return to Alaska, we will be sure to book another excursion with them!"  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2018.

Kittiwake Sea Kayak Tour

 Sights were breathtaking!! This was an awesome three hour kayak tour. Our guides were Anthony and David and they did an amazing job. My husband and I had a little more experience than some others in our group, so they allowed us to split up each taking a group and we were able to go further on the journey because of our experience. The guides knowledge of the area and friendly demeanor made this excursion an absolute joy. Our camera died, and Anthony used his personal camera to take a few pics for us so that we would have them!! Top notch service from this company."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2018.

Blackstone Bay Kayak Tour

 We had an incredible experience seakayaking in Blackstone Bay with our guides Kevin and Colton! We lucked out and the weather was beautiful!! We kayaked about 12 miles in all that day with an hour break for a yummy lunch (which was provided for us). The glaciers are magnificent and the scenery is gorgeous! We saw seals along the way as well. Our guides went out of their way to make sure we had a safe and fun trip! We highly recommend this adventure—it was well worth the money."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - June, 2018.

Great Trip to Blackstone Bay!

 We had a great Blackstone Bay kayak tour! Pete was very helpful in planning and was able to connect us with another couple to meet the trip minimum of 4.They provided all the rain gear that you could possibly need (boots, jackets, pants). While it didn't rain as predicted, I was happy that we were prepared just in case. I had originally looked at booking one of the boat tours in the area and am so glad that we decided to kayak. The view of Blackstone Bay and the glacier was beautiful and it was incredible to hear the glacier calving. The views / wildlife seemed much more intimate and closer being in a kayak versus being in a boat. Lunch was a perfect break and we loved the hike at the end. I was a little worried that the day would be too long, but it went by so quickly and we really weren't very tired at the end. Definitely one of the highlights of our trip!"  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - September, 2017.

Great Day on the Water

 We set out on the Passage Canal trip with our guide Natalie. We were looking for a day trip that wasn't all day but would give us plenty of time and this excursion fit both requirements. The weather would eventually turn rainy, but we were expecting it and dressed appropriately. Instructions were thorough, and Natalie was very informative about the area and answered all of our questions. The lunch spread was more than expected, and delicious! It was my daughter's birthday and Natalie surprised her with a birthday cake with candles! The time on the water was fabulous. Water is such a unique color. Highly recommend this activity. Short and scenic drive from Anchorage."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2017.

A Highlight of our Alaskan Vacation

 Everything about our experience was exceptional. Even though we contacted Pete late in the afternoon and requested a next morning trip, they happily accommodated us. Pete met us with a smile on July 29, 2017 under extremely windy conditions. Our tour guide, Ashley, was fantastic fitting us with all the proper gear and providing well-explained instructions. Although the conditions were not ideal, she made the trip extremely enjoyable. The spawning salmon was an incredible sight to behold! I highly recommend that everyone visiting Alaska book a trip with Alaska Sea Kayakers."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2017.

Amazing Day

 We had the most amazing day in Alaska! My Sister's family, me and my Husband were welcomed with warm greetings & big smiles. Our tour guide Victoria got us all dressed in our kayaking outfits and on our way. We took a scenic boat ride to Blackstone Bay. Unloaded the Kayaks and were on our way after a quick safety briefing. I can't even explain how beautiful it was. Victoria took us to all the most scenic areas. We stopped for an almost "gourmet" lunch on a beach that we could watch a Glacier while we ate. Back in the Kayaks after lunch we paddled to a Glacier and watched it calving. A beautiful waterfall was coming off the Glacier. We paddled through an ice flow which was exciting!! Victoria our guide was wonderful and was always checking to make sure we were all doing good. This was truly a tour of a lifetime. Well done Victoria and Peter (the owner). Thank you for a truly unforgettable day!"  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2017.

Blackstone day trip was a highlight of our Alaska trip

 We recently did the Blackstone Bay kayak trip and it was worth every penny. The company and our guide were professional, experienced and enthusiastic. The equipment was very nice quality and the lunch they served mid-day was more than sufficient. This trip was customer-oriented and we felt they were dedicated to making sure we had a fun and safe experience. The scenery was spectacular. If you are looking for an active day trip with a wow factor, this is it."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - June, 2016.

Excellent day of Kayaking Fun

 We drove to Whittier after reading about it I the travel guide. What a great stop. The Alaska sea kayak company was safety conscience and able to accommodate every level of experience in our group. We did a three hour tour with Jonathan who was as informative as he was patient. We saw eagles and a rookery and some beautiful waterfalls. It was a wonderful day and wonderful experience. Whittier too was a town that was so interesting and beautiful. So worth it and highly recommend it."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2016.

Wonderful Day on the Water

 Alaska Sea Kayakers were amazingly accommodating with our group of 7, they even allowed a last minute addition of two people to our reservation when their flight got canceled. Our guide, Victoria, was delightful, the gear was all in great condition, the lunch was truly delicious, and the scenery could not have been more beautiful. Highly recommend this day trip! "  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2016.

Blackstone bay tour = perfect day

 The owner of Alaska Sea Kayak and our guide were very friendly. After a boat tour of approx. 30 minutes which took us to the departure point in Blackstone Bay, we got a brief introduction on kayaking. We then started to paddle towards the first glacier. The landscape was amazing and we were lucky with the sunny weather. We had lunch on a little creek (everything was organized by our guide). In the afternoon we paddle again to see the other glaciers. We ended the day with a small hike to touch one of the glacier while waiting for the taxi boat. Highly recommended! "  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2015.

Alaska Highlight.

 Our family of five, two out of shape parents and three teenage boys, took the full-day Blackstone Bay trip in early June 2014 and cannot recommend it highly enough. Every one of us rated it far and away the highlight of our two-week visit to Alaska. Pete runs a wonderfully friendly and welcoming, but highly professional enterprise. Every aspect was well-prepared and executed, from the highly-trained staff to the safety demonstration, gear preparation, boat excursion, and the outstanding picnic lunch on a beach. We always felt safe and in capable hands, and because of that we could relax and enjoy the wonder of our surroundings. I kayaked with my especially hard-to-impress 13 yr. old, who repeatedly said things like, “OK, this is pretty amazing.” Calving glaciers, waterfalls, astonishingly large roosts of birds on cliffs, touching ancient glacier ice in the water and on the beach, otters, nearly total seclusion, clean and crisp air and water. No shortage of wonders. Made our trip! "

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - January, 2015.

Kayaking an Ice Field on Blackstone Bay--Priceless!

 It was about a 45 minute boat ride to our drop off. During our trip, we saw 4 different glaciers and got as close as was safely allowed. We did a shore lunch that included hot drinks, smoked salmon, pasta salads and all kinds of treats. The trip through the ice field was awesome--just the sound of paddles hitting the water and the calfing of the glaciers--surreal. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2014.

Must do in Whitter!

 Where do I begin?!?! If you are in the Whitter or Anchorage area, do not miss this opportunity to get up close to the glaciers by sea. We opted to do the full day excursion that explores the many glaciers in Blackstone Bay. Peter, the owner of Alaska Sea Kayakers, was very helpful in getting a group together and having all the gear you will need. Our full day tour was at the end of June and despite the cloudy skies, it was still an AWESOME trip. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2014.

A fantastic tour - worth every cent.”

 The glaciers and waterfalls were massive. Lots of ice chunks floating along in the water, and we even saw a seal. The hike up to an ice cave on the last glacier (land-locked) was fun as well. Peter Denmark helpfully and patiently answered my multitude of questions beforehand. It's not a cheap or quick tour, but it is a great experience - worth every cent. 

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - July, 2014.

Beautiful way to see Prince William Sound”

 We had our guide, Jen (who was great) all to ourselves for the day, which was great for setting our own pace and having a flexible schedule. She was very skilled in getting us comfortable with the kayak -- a first-time experience for us both -- and had great knowledge about the area, local plant life, etc. that made talking with her a plus for the outing (and, she was also great about just letting us all enjoy the soft quiet natural music of the water, breeze, and birds). The occasional stops for short hikes: up to a waterfall on one, and - for others - some scenic promontories that included easy access to picking fresh blueberries & salmonberries. The scenery is breathtaking in size & beauty, and the closeness to the water with the quiet of kayak cruising was a wonderful way to see/experience it all."  

Review from a Trip Advisor Traveler - August, 2014.

Great for ages 10 and up!   No Experience Necessary!

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